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Reasons Food is Better Than People

1. Food will never give you the eye roll

No matter how annoying or ridiculous it is, food has your back. They understand.

2. Food won’t judge you for sitting around and binging Netflix all day

Wanna binge watch Supernatural? Better grab a snack! You can’t go through 11 seasons of a show without grabbing a bag of chips or popcorn. You need food that you can pick on when you are binging on Netflix. Forget Netflix and chill. Netflix and food is where it’s at.

3. Food is there for you when you go through a breakup

Got broken up with? Better eat lots of ice cream! I know from personal experience that if it wasn’t for food, I wouldn’t have gotten through it. No better comfort than food.

4. Food celebrates your accomplishments

Just graduated? Better get a cake! Just won that baseball game? Better take you out for ice cream! Just turned 18? Better take you out to eat! Food is always up to celebrate. I know there was many times i got stuck going to boring parties, but food is always invited! Hang with food and you wont be bored.

5. Food doesn’t want you to go to the gym, either

Don’t wanna go? Thats okay! Food is down to chill. You may feel guilty at first, but you’ll quickly get over it. Trust me, food is more fun than the gym. Besides, your body is the trophy for all the food you eat.