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College Students’ Favorite Animated Films

College students, including myself, were asked the following:
Pick your favorite animated show/film and write a paragraph or two about what you like best about it, and what could make it better, in your opinion.. Does this film make you feel anything?

Here are the responses:

1. The Silence Beneath the Bark

Stephanie Bicchetti (Me)

This is an animation I randomly found on youtube that really caught my eye. The style, to me, is very unique and appealing to the eye. It’s simple, yet filled with details. One thing that really draws you in are the characters. They aren’t anything realistic, but you do begin to fall in love with them. They are weird, but cute at the same time. The animation starts out with one of the creatures by the snowy trees. He seems a bit determined to help the tree, though we don’t have a single clue why. Later, he meets another character similar to him. They both begin to really like one another and their bond made me want to watch more. In a sense, everything seemed too perfect that I had to wait to see what would go wrong.

Another thing I admired about this film was the music. From experience, I have always struggled to find sound that fit my videos. The music was simple and gave you a sense of happiness, content, and curiosity. To get into more details on the style of this film, the use of textures and layering is what really inspires me. Throughout the film, the same textures are continued through the snow, trees, backgrounds, and etc. The textures are scratchy, yet soft and it gives the story a playful feeling. What I love most about the storyline is how it loops back to the beginning in a sense. While we are a bit confused in the beginning, it all makes sense in the end. I feel that the ending was something you’d expect to be sad and dramatic, but it turned out to be happy.


2. Lava

Kaitlin Lunger

One thing I absolutely love about film is the fact that every piece is entirely open to interpretation based on the individuality of the person watching it. One of my favorite animated films would be the animated short,“Lava”, by Disney’s Pixar. I love the way it captivates the viewer by using a catchy song that synchronizes with the story line of a volcano who is looking for someone to love when in reality, there is another volcano who hears his song and is already in love with him. She just has to patiently await the day they can finally meet! The short takes you through a series of emotions as the two long to meet each other. I’m not sure that I would change anything in the short film. I think it was very well done and can target any age demographic because it’s simple and comprehensible but it’s also a “feel good” short film.


3. Kiki’s Delivery Service

Crystal Vance

Kiki’s Delivery Service is an animated film written, produced, and directed by Hayao Miyazaki in 1989 and dubbed in English in 1997. The movie follows the story of thirteen year old Kiki, a witch in training who sets out on her own to live in a small town and gain her independence. Kiki has to learn how to make friends in a town that’s unfamiliar with witches and to believe in herself even when it seems impossible. This has been one of my favorite films since I was a child and continues to be a favorite of mine to this day. The idea of a young girl striking out on her own to find herself always appealed to me and I found myself fascinated by Kiki’s adventure of self-discovery. Kiki’s sassy personality helped shape my sense of humor and her self-assuredness inspired my own confidence. I still cherish my original VHS tape and I don’t think I could change a single thing about Kiki’s Delivery Service because that would be like betraying my childhood. I think that happens a lot with the movies and shows from our childhood. They’re so wrapped in nostalgia that it makes it difficult to critique them. To me, Kiki’s Delivery Service will always be one of the best animated films ever made, whether that be because it’s actually a quality film or because I loved it as a child, I’ll never know.


4. Wallace and Gromit

Jenna Hudson

I think one of my favorite animated show and movies is Wallace and Gromit. I remember watching it all the time when I was younger. Wallace and Gromit is done using clay and moving the clay and I think that is why I was so intrigued by it. When I first started watching the shows and movies of Wallace and Gromit I can remember watching an extra feature on how they exactly make and move everything and it was just so interesting to me. Until I had to think about what my favorite animated show was, I actually forgot about how much I use to love watching Wallace and Gromit. I think the thing I like best about it is that everything is all hand done and I think that that makes it even more special and intriguing.


5. Red Shoes and The Seven Dwarfs

Alex George

After much consideration, I have decided to choose the animated film “Red Shoes and The Seven Dwarfs”. The reason I have chosen this animated film is because of the connection between the seven dwarfs from snow white and I believe a connection between little red riding hood but a little twist on the fairytale. I love the way the company incorporates some fairy tales and makes it their own. My favorite scene from the animation is probably when she takes off her clothes after a long day along with her shoes and the Dwarfs are watching from underneath the coffee table and when she takes of her shoes you see her transform from someone skinny to a bigger girl who sits down in her chair drinking her drink and says ahhh now I can breathe. I think from the trailer that I saw I think the only think I would change is at the end I would have the girl find the dwarfs  and start to scream back and forth to make it funnier because of the reaction that the audience would have if the girl had found out the dwarfs were watching/looking for her. It makes me laugh and have a good time it doesn’t look like it’s supposed to be a serious film just by the trailer that was put out.


6. Break The Ice

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 7.23.28 PM
Jack Clark

One of my favorite animated music videos is “Break The Ice” by Britney Spears which was released in 2008. Britney is my favorite singer, and while this music video may seem confusing to some, the strange side of the internet that loves conspiracy theories has come up with a very fascinating explanation for the video’s story. The video shows an animated Britney breaking into a cloning factory and destroying all of the clones of herself by blowing the place up in cinematic anime-action style. Pop culture conspiracy theorists have concluded through an extensive amount of research(seriously, there’s a lot) that Britney herself was cloned in real life by “Hollywood elites” who wanted to be able to control and profit off of Britney in any way they wanted. So therefore, the music video is seen as a rebellion of sorts against those who have cloned her in real life, but hidden under the surface of a harmless music video. Coincidentally, this was a song off of her Blackout album that she recorded during the peak of her media-induced public meltdown(s). While I’m not sure if I believe in all of this, it definitely makes me question why else she would make a video like this, and it makes me feel very empathetic towards the way she must have been feeling both musically and artistically at this point in her life. Either way, it’s a great music video and the animation is so random but so appealing at the same time for a Britney Spears music video!


7. Scooby-Doo

Tori Siebecker

My all time favorite animated show is Scooby-Doo! Ever since I was little I have loved the show. While growing up I collected all the Scooby-Doo movies and watched all the different series and spinoffs. I loved the mystery of not knowing who the “bad guy” was and trying to put the clues together and guess along the way. I also enjoyed that there was a supernatural theme, and I believe that shaped some of my interests today. Though most of the different series have been great and the different producers have kept the original characters looks and personalities mostly the same; the most recent series Be Cool, Scooby-Doo does not vibe with the franchise of the past. I do not like this new version of the characters and I believe that creators should have never been allowed to alter them as they did. I have not watched this series because of it. If the series was more like the original I would have. Though Scooby-Doo did not make me feel a certain way growing up other than being happy and enjoyment from the show; I now feel nostalgic anytime I watch it.



8. The Scarecrow

Lemane Banushi

Chipotle’s ‘The Scarecrow’ advertisement is my favorite animated clip. What I like best about the advertisement is the song: pure imagination by Fiona Apple. The clip reminds me of my childhood in the 90’s.This clip also brings attention to the food industry’s disgusting treatment of animals and because of this I am motivated to spread their message. I love that this clip is very original and keeps up with Chipotle’s previous advertisements, such as their ‘Back to the start; ad. I like that Chipotle is driven to provide healthy meats without cruelty to the animals.



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