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Lycoming College Senior Art Show

On April 7, 2017 I finally had my senior art show. Every year the senior art students at Lycoming College come up with a thesis and create any type of art they desire. Since I am finally a senior I decided to work with animation and claybords. Aside from my actual senior project, I also worked on our senior show poster and postcards. Below is the final copy of our poster and my postcard. Following that will be my artist statement and final project.

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Stephanie Bicchetti(ME), Conor Chopey, Samantha Cutrona, Emma Daniels, Nicole Gerling, Connor Gunsser, Carissa Guthrie, Sophie Herzing, Corrine Kline, Lin Nazzaro, Rachel Parthemer, Jessica Tayson, Joseph Troxler, Emily Wickizer, and Cody Williams.

The Lycoming College Juried Senior Show is the culmination of the thesis project for all seniors with a major in studio art. All studio art majors are required to produce a cohesive body of professional work, and must be chosen to exhibit in the senior show by an outside juror in order to graduate. The Juror for the 2017 Senior Show was Wendel White, Distinguished Professor of Art at Stockton University.

My Senior Thesis:

My animations and claybords dictate an expressionistic visual style with multiple hidden emotions. I have an appreciation of form and strong, exaggerated textures. As an artist, I am essentially interested in creating work that involves the viewers to think and question. With that in mind, different color palettes, motions, and textures were used in expression.

My animations consist of playful and twisted styles with a focus on pace and structure. In my claybords, I took these ideas and express them into abstract shapes and textures. Each work produced shows my personal conflicting thoughts.

Process plays a major role in my work. Aimlessly working with music resulted in art. Music helps with my expression of emotion and while it started out unintentionally, it soon became my focus. As a result, my work is a deeper look into the beauty and imperfections of hidden human emotions.


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(More photos to come!)

For more information on the Art Department at Lycoming College visit: Lycoming College Art


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