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Constant Struggles Only Art Majors Will Understand

1. Constantly defending your major



I could go on a full rant about how important Art majors are. Without art, you’d literally have nothing to look at, nothing to wear, etc. I shouldn’t have to go into full detail to get my point across.

2. Completing a project that you actually like for once only to find out during critique that everyone’s looks so much better



There’s nothing worse than feeling super confident about your work until you compare to everyone else’s during critique.

3. Constantly being asked dumb questions like “So can you draw me?”


No Becky. Just because I am an art major, doesn’t mean I can just sit down and draw you. Stop asking me to just draw everything that comes to your mind. I’M MORE THAN A DRAWER

4. Trying to explain your art piece to a non-art student…


Telling someone that your piece isn’t a particular object and it going completely over their head. IT’S SUPPOSE TO BE ABSTRACT PEOPLE.

5. Ruining just about all of your clothes from paint, glue, plaster, etc.


Unfortunately we have to accept the fact that we will never have nice clothes.



giphy (5).gif

I can’t stress how tiring this actually is…

7. Spending more money on art supplies than you do on your textbooks for other classes


Well, there goes $200 on just paint alone.


Read my full Odyssey article here!!!!


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