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Things Every Sagittarius Understands

1. Never understanding how or why people get bored all the time

As a Sagittarius, you are almost always doing something. You will find joy in the smallest ways. I guess you can say we are easily entertained. I will never fully understand being ‘bored.’ I will almost always find a way to make fun out of everything.

2. Emotions? What’s that?

When you are a Sagittarius you are usually a very optimistic person. We are always finding the bright side of things. This is so helpful for when things don’t always work out the way we wished they would. Though it does have it’s downsides like not knowing how to handle emotions when it comes to others or maybe even themselves. Your best friend got broken up with? Uhm…i’m sorry? Should I crack a joke? Is this when I’m suppose to show affection and hug you? WHAT ARE EMOTIONS?! I really only know happiness!!!

3. You can be brutally honest

We aren’t afraid to put people in their place, if need be of course. If we come across toxic people in our lives, we won’t hesitate to get rid of them. We won’t settle for that negativity in our lives. Like I said, we are very optimistic people. On the downside to this, we might come off ruder than we actually intend to be. We don’t mean to be harsh, I promise!

4. Humor for days

Humor is a big part of our lives. We are full of good humor and lots of jokes. This one also ties in with our optimism. We try to lighten the mood with our humor, even if it doesn’t need to be. We aren’t afraid of making a fool of ourselves if it gets everyone laughing. We crave that joy in life.

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