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What Is Home?


This video is all about my home. I lived most of my life in the Poconos. This means my comfort zone is nature and silence. While I have a very extroverted family, including myself, it’s hard to live in a city-like home and feel comfortable. I can’t even cross a street at school properly without the fear of being hit. I’m not use to cars and people being out and about. My mom recently moved out and gave the house to my sister and her boyfriend(along with my two dogs). She now lives by lots of farm land. It may still be quiet, but it’s not home. Where are the trees? Where are my dogs? Home is where I don’t have to question all of that, so I decided to film shots from my backyard to local hangouts I grew up at. Home is where I find my peace. Home is where I can be with my family. Home is made up of my childhood memories. This is what I call HOME.  


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