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Senioritis As Told By ‘New Girl’

Well, it’s happening. Senioritis is finally hitting me. I knew it would happen, but I was really hoping to avoid it. Here are some of the struggles of senioritis as told by New Girl:

1. Alarms are the devil


Getting out of bed becomes so hard when you think about all the work you have to do in your classes and after classes. The thought of all the stress you will have to face later makes you lose all motivation. You may even need to set 10 alarms in the morning in hopes that it’ll annoy you enough to get out of bed.

2. Sleep takes over


Sometimes you become so stressed out that you physically cant keep up with your work and sleep starts to take over. Personally, I think this can be hardest because once you sleep your stress away, then it becomes a very unhealthy habit to the point where you are forgetting assignments or even classes.

3. You learn to do everything last minute

giphy (1).gif

Procrastination is probably something most people can relate to on a daily basis but it definitely takes affect with senioritis. We know we gotta graduate by doing the work, so we just end up doing it later than we should. I mean hey, at least it gets done, right?

4. C’s get degrees


At this point, you don’t care if it’s an A or a B. As long as you get that passing grade then you receive your diploma. Problem solved.

5. Notes? What notes?


I know for me I take my best notes at the beginning of the year in hopes that I will stay organized and on top of everything. Once the midpoint hits, I become stressed and tired and slowly stop taking notes. Your notes start becoming messy and just full of doodles.

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