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Reasons You And Your BFF Need A TV Show

Most of us have thought at some point if you and your best friend had a TV show that it would be the best thing since sliced bread. Here are a few reasons you and your BFF should have a television show together:

1. You guys are hilarious!

No ones funnier than you and your best friend. Heck, those nights you stay up until 3 AM just goofing off and laughing at one another nonstop are the best. No one could possibly have a funnier show than the both of you.

2. You both have ‘That One Ex’

This could be it’s own show alone. Between the on and off again relationship or that one guy that wants you both, it’s just so much drama and who doesn’t love to watch drama?

3. Your snapchat story says it all

Your snapchat story is usually the longest when you are with your BFF. You like to show off all the cool, fun things you guys are doing together and it would make it that much easier if you had your own show.

4. You are already comfortable with one another

You wouldn’t have to worry about acting like you like one another since you already do.

5. You are the perfect team

You work well together already. You finish one another’s sentences and you know what one another likes.

6. You already make videos together

From the second you guys became best friends, you’ve already been working on your tv show. From random snapchats to youtube videos you upload together, you both already work well with a camera in front of you. Why not take the next step and start your show together!

Read my full Odyssey article here!


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